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    From Contact  - Elder's Letter:

    Greetings to you all from Wanstead United Reformed Church. 

    One of the things which as children we are taught from a very early
    age is to say please and thank you. We are taught this until it becomes
    second nature to say thank you for such small things as opening a
    door or passing the condiments at the dinner table. If we didn’t do
    so we would soon lose our friends, assuming we had any friends in
    the first place. But are we always as ready to say thank you to God?
    In our country we are free to worship as and how we choose, but in
    some parts of the world Christians do not have this freedom and may
    even risk their lives in going to Church. Do we give God thanks for
    this freedom or simply take it for granted? Likewise, do we always
    remember to say thank you to God for providing us abundantly with
    the necessities of life, or do we take it for granted? 

    St Luke in his Gospel recalls an instance when Jesus heals ten lepers,
    telling them to go and show themselves to the priests in accordance
    with Jewish law. Later one of them returns to give thanks to Jesus for
    his healing. Jesus asks him about the other nine who failed to return to
    give thanks, obviously disappointed that they had failed to do so. God
    expects us to show our gratitude for all his goodness to us. Are we the
    ones who remember to show our gratitude to God, or are we among
    the other nine? 

    We have now put the clocks forward to British Summer Time and
    hopefully the weather will become warmer. This may mean that some
    of you will possibly be thinking of an early holiday. If you are among
    them, may I on behalf of the elders wish you an enjoyable and reinvig-
    orating holiday. But whatever you are doing, God bless you all. 

    Roy Hazel